Letter: On the safe side

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Sir: I suppose it is just possible that Margaret Harvey (Letters, 15 October) may be right in claiming that riding side-saddle 'went out of fashion because women riders were being maimed and killed unnecessarily'. It is certainly true that it is easy to ride side-saddle badly (and therefore dangerously). The Side-Saddle Association was founded in 1974 with the aim of encouraging riders to take it up safely - for many disabled or nervous riders it is the only way they can ride safely. And as Jim White's most entertaining article points out (9 October), the seat is extremely secure. Of course, falls can be nasty - so they can be astride - but properly taught, side-saddle is probably safer than astride. And the event featured in the original article was, of course, an official Side-Saddle Association event - and all participants were association members. I can testify from personal knowledge that there were no maimings or killings that day. Or, so far as we are aware, at any SSA event since its formation.

Yours sincerely,


Bramley, Surrey