Letter: 'Oppressed' but successful women

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The Independent Online
HOW LONG must we endure this continuing moaning from women? Your four-page special "What's next for women?" (8 November) still treats women as injured and oppressed where in fact they have significant advantages in many areas.

According to your list of "worrying trends", young men are more likely to be the victims of violence, more likely to use drugs, more likely to abuse alcohol and less likely to get A-levels.

You cite pay differentials of pounds 4.51 versus pounds 4.77 and suggest that this is evidence of discrimination, then in the same sentence you say that men get paid more because they work longer hours.

As a gender with higher employment rates, higher average qualifications, fewer drug problems, lower suicide rates, less homelessness, less violent lives, lower prison rates, and which spends more money (given by men who work overtime) in shops, you can see that it is hard to believe that women are "oppressed".

It is men we should start helping, men who, due to their own conditioning, can not ask for that help. Men who instead abuse alcohol and kill themselves and each other, and end up sleeping on the streets, emotionally crippled and silently suffering.