LETTER: Parents must stand up for what's best for their children

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Sir: In response to the question, "Is being a school governor a time-consuming job?" (News analysis, 7 February), I would answer as follows.

As a parent governor last year, I attended seven full governor meetings, 10 sub-committee meetings, two full-day training courses, two evening courses and four information evenings. I visit the school in a governor's capacity one day a term, take part infund-raising, school sports, and Christmas events. There are numerous phone calls and people calling round for information and lots of documents to read.

Luckily, it was a quiet year with no staff changes, just leaving policies, special educational needs, pay and conditions, and health and safety to sort out. Of course, there is the school development plan and everyday problems let alone the budget. I am sure there are many more governors that do more than this, but my time is limited by three children, a job and a husband who works long hours. My term finishes this summer and I will not be standing again.

Yours faithfully, M. Bentley Helpston, Peterborough 7 February