Letter: Passion on the Peugeot bonnet

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Sir: Your article "Forget the sex, it's the Wax factor that sells the car to women" (17 July) says research into the Peugeot commercial that shows a man having sex with a woman across the bonnet of the car was found to be a patronising way of selling cars to women.

The man is shown meeting the woman in a car park, driving to a beach, having sex with her and then he drives home to be greeted by his wife and four children. Lo and behold, his wife is the same woman.

As an advertising researcher I have conducted consumer focus groups in which this commercial was discussed. Far from being patronised the women found the idea of a man still having passionate sex with his wife very appealing. The men assumed that the wife and the woman were two different people. A much more patronising assumption.


Director, Davies Riley-Smith Maclay

London N1