Letter: Peace trains have many organisers

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Sir: Peter Pringle ends his report (26 October) on the claim that the Worker's Party requested financial help from Moscow in 1986 by stating that Proinsias De Rossa, the Irish MP and MEP, is engaged in 'organising 'peace trains' between Dublin and Belfast to protest at the bombing of the trains by the IRA'.

In fact, the Peace Train Organisation has four committees, one each in London, Belfast, Dublin and Glasgow. We have a long list of sponsors, headed by the President of Ireland, Mary Robinson. The list includes the heads of the main churches and politicians from all constitutional strands in Ireland, including the party led by Mr De Rossa. Our peace train demonstrations are arranged by the relevant committees of the organisation, not by any one person.

Yours sincerely,


Chairman, Northern Ireland



Chairman, Dublin Committee

Peace Train Organisation


28 October