Letter: Pensioners fear broken promises

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Pensioners fear broken promises

Sir: A review of future pensions will do nothing for today's ten million pensioners, of whom seven million do not receive sufficient income to pay income tax ("Pensions review raises spectre of cuts", 18 July). Among these, 1.5 million receive such a low income that they have to claim income support and a further one million are eligible for income support but do not claim and must be living in poverty.

The Labour Party promised in its election manifesto that pensioners would share in the prosperity of the country, one of the richest in the world. Sadly, except for approximately 35p per week off VAT on fuel, which was more than offset by other increases, senior citizens have been ignored. If the Government is preparing to renege on its promises it must realise that it will never be forgiven by the pensioners of this country.

Future pensioners should remember the dishonourable treatment of today's pensioners: what happens to us today could well happen to you tomorrow.


Gloucestershire Pensioners Forum