Letter: Pope condemned Bosnian war

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READERS of Michael Fathers' profile of Mahathir Mohamad ('The big noise in the East', 5 December) might be forgiven for thinking that Muslim leaders are the only ones to condemn the continuing war in Bosnia.

As it happens, the same day's issue of the Universe reported Pope John Paul II's speech to foreign ministers from Western countries. There will be no peace in Europe, he said 'if territorial conquests achieved by force are rewarded, if 'ethnic cleansing' - which is nothing but a form of genocide - achieves the status of a method, and if the most elementary norms of human rights are openly flouted'.

He told the foreign ministers that their generous aid to Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia did not 'dispense political leaders from finding solutions to end violence and hatred'. Plain speaking indeed, but experience thus far gives little ground for hope of any positive and courageous actions.

Frederick Taylor

Leigh, Lancs