Letter: Positive side of the Serbian experience

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Sir: The proposed exhibition ('UK Serbs plan war crimes exhibition', 13 January) of atrocities against Serbs can only tell us what we already know - that violent death is an age-old tradition in the Balkans, and the Serbs have no monopoly in it.

I, for one, would have more sympathy for an exhibition that does not dwell on past grievances. (Propaganda does not need to be crude in order to be effective.)

I would be interested to know of the positive side of the Serbian experience, of the Serbs' historical and cultural achievements; such an exhibition might even explore the importance of respect for cultural and ethnic diversity and of living in harmony with one's neighbours.

These issues are also relevant to us Britons who are having difficulty in coming to terms with our European identity.

Yours faithfully,


Church Knowle,


13 January