Letter: Promenading without women

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Sir: Your correspondents (9 September) seem to miss the whole point of the BBC Promenade concerts. They are there to introduce young people in Britain to an important part of their cultural heritage at a price they can afford.

The introduction of music from other cultures is both fascinating and enlightening, providing a valuable introduction to music we might not otherwise hear. It can encourage us to go and hear more.

However, the Proms staple is what might very loosely be termed Western classical music, with all the wealth of riches this contains. Pop, World, reggae all have festivals, some more renowned and respected than the Proms to their audiences.

Let us hear more of the fine women composers, both living and dead, and let us also hear more of those composers who are not famous names but whose work can also inspire and entertain, but most of all, let us be grateful for having a unique music festival lasting over 60 nights with an astonishing array of musical talent, available for pounds 3 to pounds 4 for those who 'promenade'.

Yours faithfully,


London, E17

9 September