LETTER: Pros and cons of privatisation

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From Mr Geoffrey Thompson

Sir: Although the immediate surroundings of the town seem unprepossessing, there lies, to the west at least, great potential that could add to the attractions of the wider area. In Deptford stands one of the finest churches in London, St Paul's. Not only is it a stunning building in itself, but it also has the distinction of being the best preserved Thomas Archer building in England. Immediately to the north lies a fine street of early 18th-century town houses and to the north of that is St Nicholas, the ancient parish church close to the spot where Christopher Marlowe met his end.

The preservation and enhancement of Greenwich should not be seen in isolation. The many strengths of its surroundings should be exploited. After all, much of the Royal Navy was built at Deptford.

Just as an aside, a regular interval service of three trains an hour with a journey time of about quarter of an hour from central London, hardly deserves to be called "erratic" by Jonathan Glancey. I think the real problem lies with those who do not know London, thinking that if a place is not on the Underground map, it either can't be reached at all, or is somehow, a long way away.

Yours sincerely,

Geoffrey Thompson

Brockley, SE4