Letter: Putting a price on the environment

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Sir: With an election date looming it is not enough for Frank Dobson to promise those concerned with the low profile of Labour's environment policy that "more will be made available in due course" (letter, 8 July). Labour's draft manifesto says they will "encourage" energy saving, "promote" green business and "recognise" environmental challenges - but it fails to say how it will achieve any of these.

We can all recognise the challenge. Even the Conservative Party shares these aims. However, only the Liberal Democrats are prepared to rise to that challenge with specific policies.

We are the only one of the major political parties to make the commitment that the Climate Action Network UK calls for: a target of reducing CO2 emissions by 30 per cent over 15 years, and we explain in detail how we would achieve it. We are committed to detailed proposals to shift to environment taxation - taxing pollution but using the funds to cut taxes on jobs and products.

Every politician likes to sound green these days but Liberal Democrats uniquely explain what we will do about it.


(Truro, Lib Dem)

Liberal Democrat Environment Spokesperson

House of Commons

London SW1