Letter: Reasonable price of a night at the opera

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Sir: Your leading article about the remarkable Barbra Streisand (20 April) refers to her ability to command seat prices 'of which Glyndebourne would be proud'.

Presumably, the inference is that Glyndebourne's prices are high. Certainly we would be not in the least proud of charging pounds 260 for a seat, which I gather was the top price at the Wembley Arena. Glyndebourne's top price is pounds 100, and we have many tickets at much lower prices, pounds 50, pounds 30 and pounds 15, as well as standing room for pounds 10.

The new, larger theatre at Glyndebourne gives the opportunity for many more people to come to a performance. That is something to be proud of.

Yours faithfully,


General Director

Glyndebourne Festival Opera

Glyndebourne, East Sussex

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