Letter: Redwood wins,either way

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From Professor John Taylor

Sir: Professional political commentators should put up or shut up. Are they all missing the obvious conclusion that John Redwood has absolutely nothing to lose in throwing his hat into the leadership ring, save for a few weeks' salary at ministerial level? Should Mr Redwood win outright, he is the prime minister of his country.

Should he lose, or should his intervention cause a second round of voting, he is again a winner. In any of the likely outcomes (and these do not include receiving a derisory vote in the first round), he is destined for higher office than that which he presently enjoys.

Any post-election leader, Major or otherwise, will have to embrace him; bring him inside the then tent of government, offer his real policy concessions, and create what Tory MPs want most over the next 18 months - the appearance of unity, as a platform for success in the election that really counts most for them.

Yours sincerely,

John Taylor

Alva, Central Scotland

27 June