Letter: Religious education offers a touchstone for faith

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Sir: I would like to respond to Angela Phillips in her open letter to Baroness Cox. She should remember that her parents made her feel different by excluding her from school assemblies, not the school itself. I went to the same school as Baroness Cox. It was a liberal Christian school where everyone of whatever faith attended collective worship; no one was left out or made to feel different.

'Broadly Christian' merely refers to beliefs that are very similar in all religions, and the special status of Jesus Christ to liberal Christians means reference to him as a great man among others. This is accepted by enlightened liberals in other faiths, especially Judaism.

Free Christians (Unitarians), above all, believe in respect for individual faith: that is the school environment in which Baroness Cox grew up, so I believe Angela Phillips has misunderstood her completely.

Yours faithfully,


London, N6

31 January