Letter: Reports in every colour but Green

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The Independent Online
Sir: Your coverage of the run-up to the local elections has featured a number of articles on the British National Party - giving credibility to a party that has a total of one elected councillor - and yet I have seen almost nothing on the party that has already gained 300 elected councillors - the Green Party.

The Green Party has control over one council already (in Stroud in the South-west) and the casting vote in another, in Birmingham. It has launched two energy-saving Bills in the House of Commons with support from all the parties (and almost no coverage by yourselves). One will be enacted this session.

By contrast, your coverage briefly referred to the other Bill (which was talked out by the Government two weeks ago) without mentioning the Green Party at all; and when you did write up a Green politician, it was Petra Kelly.

Yours faithfully,


Camden Green Party

London, NW3

3 May