Letter: Return of the border raiders

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Sir: As a British Scot, I would like to suggest a campaign for an English Parliament. Westminster is Britain's parliament. Now there is talk of parliaments or national assembles for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. What of England? There is only mention of possible regional English assemblies rather than a focus of English nationhood.

Does this reflect a lack of national identity and self-esteem among the English? Or could this be saying that there is an unspoken understanding that Westminster is the English parliament? If that is the case surely the English deserve their own question times and committees to serve their national needs. Let us either dedicate time for the four countries of the Union including England within the British parliament, or have national parliaments for each of these countries and a new fifth all-British assembly.

I believe a confident sense of Englishness would be good for the people of that nation. They feel, I believe, albeit subconsciously, the suppression which comes from the confusion here and abroad between what is English and what is British. Perhaps this contributes to a lack of understanding of the feelings of national identity in the other countries of the Union. It does not help Britain. A United Kingdom of invigorated partners is possible, but we will need courage to go further than the current plans.


Kirkintilloch, Strathclyde