Letter: Reviewers, royals and reptiles

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'Right To Reply' is one of just five programmes which remain from the original Channel 4 schedule, as David Aaronovitch observes (Review, 2 November). However, it is inconceivable that this is for the reason he gives - "For 15 years now, the Eileen Tonkses of Britain have been afforded their tedious moment of complaint on Right To Reply".

This underestimates the achievements of a programme which has increased its ratings threefold and allows viewers to voice their concerns about important television issues and injustices. Among them are those who have unwittingly found themselves stars in fly-on-the-wall documentaries. This week Princess Diana's mother, Frances Shand Kydd, voiced her anger over the documentary Royals and Reptiles. David Aaronovich does viewers a disservice. Underestimating the audience is something which has won many TV producers an appearance on Right To Reply.

Jerry Foulkes

Editor, 'Right To Reply'