Letter: Ribbon development

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Sir: Your letters concerning the wearing of red ribbons (1 April), prompted some speculation. What colour ribbons should be worn for: refugees from Srebrenica, doctors murdered by pro-lifers, the starving in Ethiopia, those with disabilities, the aged, the unemployed?

Must we choose a different colour each day, or walk out a-flutter with hundreds of multicolour ribbons? Maybe we could wear colour co-ordinated clothes - 'Forest green with daffodil yellow cross-banding - it must be Save the Rainforest Day'.

I in no way mean to belittle HIV-Aids sufferers, their plight or the concern of those who care for them. I am sad that by focusing on one need we seem to lose sight of many others. I am angry that I have no answers. Just more questions than I can handle.

Yours faithfully,


Maidstone, Kent

1 April