Letter: Ripped jeans have no place in Britain

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Sir: Since the chairman of Harrods, Mohamed Al Fayed, introduced the dress code in the summer of 1989, it has been welcomed by the overwhelming majority of our regular customers who do not wish to be confronted by the sight of people in ragged or unkempt clothing and who had expressed the view that the proximity of people in skimpy shorts, singlets or no shirts at all was impairing the pleasure of shopping in elegant surroundings (Open Letter, 27 April).

Harrods serves the world, not just that tiny percentage of a small minority still under the illusion that torn jeans are an original fashion statement. James Fox's friend may have 'looked a million' but would she continue to patronise Harrods if everyone in the store was dressed as she was in 'jeans with rips at the knees'? I doubt it.

The New York Times recently wrote about Harrods' dress code, and the response from readers was universally in the store's favour. Typical was the comment of Margaret Artline of Connecticut: 'Thank heavens there is still one sane institution remaining in this sloppy society which has the backbone to stick to certain rules of dress and decorum.'

Yours faithfully,


Director of Public Affairs


London, SW1