LETTER : Risky sex

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Your article about contraception ("It's back to nature for the post-Pill generation", Real Life, 14 April) was interesting but for the most glaring of omissions.

So-called natural contraception is not to be recommended, mainly because it provides absolutely no protection against sexually transmitted diseases such as Aids, and one must not over-estimate the resistance to treatment of "old-fashioned" dis- eases like syphilis.

Your article displays a disregard for human social behaviour, in that it seems to assume that we are all in permanent, faithful relationships. Obviously, at least to have children, unprotected sex is necessary, but the decision to do without barrier contraception should always be understood as a risk.

To advocate natural contraception as a sensible and valid alternative to all but the most committed monogamous of couples is irresponsible.

Michael J Fagg

Newcastle upon Tyne