Letter: Roads to ruin, and the green motorist's vote

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Sir: Further to Jim White's article (7 February) about the proposed M11 link through Wanstead, London E11, this scheme has been subject to numerous public inquiries over the past 20 years, and residents of all the areas concerned have had their chance to voice their opposition.

Although I and, I dare say, other residents of Wanstead, may agree with the sentiments of the protesters, the road will be built whether we like it or not. This protest is futile now. It is serving only to delay the inconvenience of building work to the residents and ultimately to leave us with a less attractive environment - the planners had promised to reinstate the trees along the route and on the green, but this now will most likely fall prey to lack of money because the cost of security measures has greatly increased the overall cost.

The majority of the protesters had not heard of Wanstead until the end of last year when work commenced on this road. If they truly wish to aid the residents, there is another cause in the pipeline - the development of a field called Evergreen along the High Street - which will have a greater environmental effect on us than this road.

This cause can be be fought now - but the protesters will no doubt leave as quickly as they arrived, and with no thought about how this will affect the long-term residents of Wanstead.

Yours faithfully,


London, E11

8 February