Letter: Romance plays little part in the lives of most child brides

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From Ms D. V. Baird

Sir: I cannot see any useful purpose being served by bringing Sarah Cook back to England, unless she wishes it.

She seems happy and well-cared for among her "Turkish in-laws" and might as well remain there for the present. There used to be a tradition of betrothed brides going to live with their future in-laws, to learn the skills of managing a household and to be educated.

Sarah might use her time learning the language and customs of her adopted country and perhaps continuing with some kind of formal education. Knowledge is never wasted and if, in time, she and Musa can marry properly, so much the better. If they decide to part, nothing will have been lost, she will still be young enough to follow another path.

Yours etc,

D. V. Baird

Eastbourne, East Sussex

26 January