Letter: Rotten role models

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WHAT A perceptive analysis by Theodore Dalrymple of Will Carling's relationships. Based on more than 30 years in industry, I feel that certain parallels can be drawn with the activities of some of those who form the audience at Mr Carling's business seminars.

Many people in business will have experienced the arrival of the (reputed) high-flyer who is going to take the organisation to greater things. These relationships also often last only a couple of years, in which time several existing babies get thrown out with the bathwater, and new babies, offspring of the high-flyer's current business marriage, appear. These new babies - many conceived in haste - often cause problems, and that's when our high-flyer takes off, with another notch on his corporate belt (and a name to add to the increasing list on his cv).

The morals of the underclass appear to have spread to the boardroom.


Ormskirk, Lancashire