Letter: Royal Olympian

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Sir: Your Diary (14 May) is correct in its assumption that having a VIP such as the Princess Royal as its president does this organisation 'nothing but good'. The Princess is a committed Olympian. She attends meetings of the National Olympic committee and its executive (general purposes) committee whenever her busy diary permits.

Perhaps more importantly, the Princess is particularly effective in the tireless work she undertakes to raise money for Great Britain to send a team to the Games.

Once the team is settled into the village, the Princess is also adept at boosting team morale at various events and venues. Her background as both an Olympic athlete and administrator help greatly in these circumstances. She is also a committed and enthusiastic member of the Manchester 2000 bid team.

It was against this background that I and members of the National Olympic Committee were particularly disappointed at the negative comments made in your Diary piece.

Yours faithfully,



British Olympic Association

London, SW18

19 May