Letter: Running under false colours

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Sir: Your leading article, 'Caveat elector] The name means nothing' (17 June), raises the question: why should the rights of political parties to protect their 'trademarks' be less important than that of soft drinks manufacturers in the 'Cola wars'?

You mention the case of Slough during the 1992 general election. Please note that the maverick Declan Alford not only called himself 'The Labour candidate', he even used the rose emblem] The result of this blatant misrepresentation was that the official Labour Party candidate, Eddie Lopez, was deprived of the majority he deserved. Mr Alford, meanwhile, was feted by Slough Conservatives, who whisked him away from the scene.

There was no redress for Labour voters who said that they had been misled by Mr Alford, whose name appeared conveniently at the top of the ballot paper. Surely some tightening of the law is possible?

Yours faithfully,


Hebden Bridge,

West Yorkshire

17 June