Letter: Saro-Wiwa: beware tribalism; boycott Shell

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From Mr J. V. Parkin

Sir: The executions carried out in Nigeria are an outrage. Routine expressions of condemnation from national leaders are not an adequate response. It seems clear that the international community must act in a decisive way.

If the UN wishes to retain any credibility, or to have any resemblance to the hopes of its founders, decisive action is necessary.

The current rulers of Nigeria must be required to account for their actions before an international forum. Ideally this should be the Court of Human Rights. It is wholly unacceptable that any democratic government, whatever may be its investment in Nigeria, could dissent.

If our political leaders have any guts, they will ensure that this happens. If the international community does not respond in this way, the concept of an international consensus on human rights is meaningless.

Yours faithfully,

J. V. Parkin



11 November