Letter: Seeking redress from a hostile world

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Sir: We acted for Gemma Deacon, the bright young girl who was severely injured when a competitor in a mountain bike race crashed into her. She had been walking with her family along a trail in the Quantocks.

Her claim for damages was brought against the organisers of the race, the British Flag Carnival Club. Your article "Living dangerously in our dreams" (26 July) alleges that she also sued her father and that she and her legal advisers "have clearly gone too far". Emphatically, she did not sue her father. It was the defendants who blamed her father in a "third party" action.

We always made it clear she did not blame her father in any way. Happily, at the end of the first day's evidence at trial, the defendants submitted to judgment and their claim against Mr Deacon was dismissed. It was proved he was in no way at fault.

The Deacon family have sadness enough coming to terms with this tragedy without the suggestion that daughter was suing father. They have shown great courage. We hope at least the record is set straight.

Yours faithfully,

R. John Royce

Guildhall Chambers,

Michael Roach

Albion Chambers


26 July