Letter: Some of us must cope with stress alone

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Sir: The question of compensation for victims' families who suffer from "post-traumatic stress" as a result of witnessing disasters either on TV or first hand seems to take in only the kin who can't cope. What of the victim's family who have to cope? Their suffering is in no way reduced or easier to bear.

I witnessed the aftermath of my husband's death. He was killed in December 1992 when a Libyan war plane collided mid-air with the the civilian plane he was in. I can't turn around and say I can't cope, because I was left with two young children to bring up (aged three and four).

We can all say we have a "right" to compensation but I didn't even have the "right" to go to my husband's funeral. Gaddafi had him buried in a mass grave outside Tripoli the following day.

Does anyone think a dictator, or a television company, is going to compensate me? Is my stress any less than these people demanding money from society?

Yours without bitterness,


London, SW11

3 April