Letter: Someone else's junk

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Sir: Tee, hee. I did enjoy the Diary piece ('Rushdie's hairy past', 25 August) about my copywriting 'juvenilia'. Alas, leaden as the examples quoted were, I didn't write them. I did write some frightful junk, but it would be most improper of me to take the credit for someone else's frightful junk.

Incidentally - and this may help to explain your diarist's errata - I didn't work for the excitingly named Leagas Shafron Davis Chick Ayer agency, either. In my day there was no such agency.

(I did once work for an agency whose name gradually expanded until it became, approximately, Sharp MacManus John Adams D'Arcy Intermarco Masius Wynne Williams International, but that's another story.)

Yours sincerely,


27 August