LETTER: Spell it right or the frog gets it

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From Master Allie Johnstone

Sir: I read your article (30 January) about how adults cannot spell, which talks about going back to old spelling bees and learning by rote. I have done these at school, but to no avail.

I recently started an American spelling program on our computer at home, called Spell It 3, which has changed my spelling dramatically. It has lots of fun programs. Each game uses a different method, like one shows a sentence with a word highlighted. If it is spelt wrong, you delete it and type in the correct spelling. Each time you get five right, a frog appears and plays a tune. In another, you are a frog jumping on lily pads. If you choose the right spelling, a snake pops out and spins around and falls to the ground.

It is brilliant. I suggest schools get it for their computers.


Allie Johnstone

(Aged 11)

Hinton Charterhouse, Avon

2 February