LETTER: Spread the word: Belfast is friendly

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From Ms Jackie Saville

Sir: I would like to comment on your article on Belfast and how to advertise it (Media, 22 August).

I am an Australian tourist. In the past three months I have travelled through France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ireland and Northern Ireland. I have now settled to live and work for a while in Belfast.

I have met with such friendliness on all occasions. People on the streets and workers in the public and private sectors have gone out of their way to assist me. The city is easy to get to, with good transport. It has everything that other cities have to offer.

I did have a bad impression of Belfast before I came. Now I am trying to spread the word to my friends and family, and I pray the peace will last. Thanks to the people of Belfast.

Yours faithfully,

Jackie Saville