LETTER: Successful prostate cancer screening

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From Mr R. W. Willoughby

Sir: I would like to take issue with the argument that early screening may not be the cure for prostate cancer. In my case it was. It saved my life.

At my annual medical just over a year ago, when aged 51, I asked for the prostate to be checked, even though I had no symptoms of prostate disorder. This revealed a very high PSA (prostate specific antigen), and further tests confirmed the presence of a very malignant tumour contained entirely within the prostate. I was provided with full information on the various remedies and alternatives, including the potential side-effects of radical surgery. In my view, the only choice was a radical prostatectomy which I had. It was a resounding success.

If I had not undertaken the surgery, my consultant urologist has told me I would probably not be alive today. I have had minimal side-effects. More importantly, my children now have a father who has had years put on to his life.

Yours faithfully,

R. W. Willoughby

Cobham, Surrey

30 January