Letter: Targets for recycling

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Sir: Polly Toynbee says the Government must get the waste industry together with the boroughs to break the logjam in increasing the amount of waste that we recycle. I can tell her that this is already happening.

The boroughs are joining with the waste industry to create a new environmental body called London Waste Action where they will work together with environmental interest groups, the Government and the people of London to ensure that the entire waste management system works to the benefit of our environment. The operators of landfill sites will be subscribing and will receive a tax credit for doing so. We will involve all those who produce and distribute the packaging that fills our waste bins as well as those who make a business by reusing it and recycling it.

The boroughs have already commenced a three-year investment programme to gear up their collection systems. This is why Polly Toynbee and other Londoners have received containers from their council. Ordinary Londoners are central to the programme because it is they who must separate their waste, purchase goods made from recycled materials, use less packaging and reuse it where they can.


Chief Executive

London Waste Action

London SW1