Letter: Taxi rape trial misunderstood

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Sir: What exactly is Anthony Brookman trying to tell us (Letters, 25 July)? He appears to disagree with the verdict in the recent case of a taxi driver found guilty of the rape of one of his passengers, yet his reasons for this are not clear.

My understanding is that Mr Brookman bases his whole critique of this case on the belief that the defendant was found guilty on the sole basis of the victim's word as against his. This is to misunderstand the facts completely.

The jury asked itself how often complete strangers have consensual sexual intercourse minutes after meeting, and decided, unsurprisingly, that this was very rare.

If Mr Brookman's experience is any different, then good for him; but he should be reminded that the law is predominantly concerned with the lives of ordinary mortals. This is why we have a jury system.

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25 July