Letter: Television's happy campers

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ROBIN BUSS'S preview of Channel 4's Camp Christmas (Review, 19 December) was an example of the increasing inverted homophobia in so many of this country's 'quality' newspapers. He describes the comedy show as 'a defence against the pain suffered in Christmases past by gay adolescents at odds with their conformist families' then says 'the whole exercise is really the cauterisation of some childhood trauma'.

Television reviewers love to affect support when reviewing documentaries detailing the problems lesbians and gays experience in an unequal society, but as soon as a star-studded show such as Camp Christmas appears, designed to conjure up a warm traditional Christmas that's lighthearted fun, Buss decides it is really all about exorcising childhood trauma.

The confidence the stars on Camp Christmas exude about their sexuality may be scary to your reviewer but not to us or the millions of viewers who have watched the show.

Caz Gorham and Frances Dickenson

Producers of 'Camp Christmas'

London SW4