Letter: Tests for modified food

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YOUR article "Test to spot modified foods" was incorrect in saying that Nuclyx and Leatherhead Food Research Association are the first to offer a DNA test for detecting genetically modified food.

CSL Food Science Laboratory launched such a test last October at a meeting of food industry, laboratory and biotechnology companies that was attended by, amongst others, Nuclyx. Since its launch, this service has already been used by a number of interested companies. We provide a commercial and confidential service available to all interested parties and test both raw commodities - for example soya, maize, etc - and processed products - for example chocolate, cornflakes, tomato ketchup, etc.

In the recent European collaborative trial of GMO testing that included three UK laboratories (CSL, LGC and CCFRA), CSL achieved 100 per cent correct identifications.


CSL Food Science Laboratory