Letter: The caring power of red ribbons

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Sir: Simon Garfield, in his piece 'Wear a ribbon, win an Oscar' (30 March), sounds a timely warning that the wearing of a red ribbon in support of people with Aids and their carers could become an empty gesture.

In Britain this has not been a problem. Here, concern for Aids awareness is at grassroots level. But, even at a function such as the Bafta awards, whether one wears a ribbon or not is a matter of personal choice.

It has been our experience at Red Ribbon International that the people who wear the ribbon are also those active in supporting our main aim of keeping the whole issue of HIV-Aids awareness in the public eye. It is through this support that Red Ribbon International has been able to take part in a series of Aids- related conferences both in Britain and abroad, and provide a visible symbol for HIV-Aids awareness and other support to concerned organisations in many countries throughout the world.

The red ribbon is a powerful, internationally recognised symbol, and therein lies its value.

Yours faithfully,


Chairman of Trustees

Red Ribbon International

London, W1

31 March