Letter: The city according to Rogers

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From Ms Carole Tongue

Sir: Having returned recently from Barcelona, I would like to underline Richard Rogers' tribute to that great European city as an example of a place "where autonomy, vision and strong leadership have totally transformed the city" ... "a city in which people long to work and live".

But there are also powerful examples elsewhere of how to build a vibrant, sustainable city culture meeting people's needs. In 1985, the City of Frankfurt commissioned 30 new nursery centres, one of which won an international architectural award. The achievement was not only bold and beautiful public buildings, but valuable social and educational provision for generations of German children, increased choice for parents, and sound economic investment reaping both short- and long-term gains for the whole community.

Imagination and political will could deliver the same in Britain. Both however are sadly in sort supply, particularly where central government is concerned.

Yours sincerely,


MEP for London East (Lab)



13 March