Letter: The comprehensive education of Bernie Grant

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From Mr Patrick Worms

Sir: Bernie Grant's stance on selective education is a noble one ("Comprehensive education failed my sons, says Bernie Grant", 25 January). It takes grit for a politician to admit he was wrong and to publicly regret the consequences of his actions, even when doing so contravenes the official policy of his party.

Mr Grant knows from bitter experience how comprehensive education fails Britain's children. He will be applauded by any who regularly have to deal with its failures. Much more than Mr Prescott or Mr Hattersley, he knows what Labour voters actually want: an education system that stretches their children and gives them the tools they will need to prosper as adults. Most voters will happily accept selective schooling as the price to pay to reach this goal.

For the Labour party to cling to the failed concept of comprehensive schooling is serious enough to cost it the next election. I know that I, as a parent, will be unable to vote for a party that would consign my two young children to the intellectual dustbins our schools have become.

Yours sincerely,

Patrick Worms