Letter: The 'Forgotten Lockerbie'

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TOMORROW is the fifth anniversary of the bombing by terrorists of UTA flight 772 in mid- air over Niger, with the death of all 170 people on board, including our son Peter Sumner and three other Britons.

We would be grateful for the chance to draw your readers' attention to what we feel is the unfair and inhuman treatment handed out to us by the French and British governments in what has become the 'Forgotten Lockerbie'.

Five years on, investigations have failed to establish a motive for the bombing let alone bring the guilty parties to justice - despite the fact that concrete evidence exists pointing to known killers.

The British families involved have been excluded from all compensation arrangements offered to the families of the French victims. This is in breach of French law, which requires compensation to all victims regardless of nationality.

To make matters worse, the British government is determined to make money out of our son's death by a demand that we pay pounds 20,000 in death duties. This follows a decision in 1990, by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, John Major, not to follow the French government's path in exempting victims of terrorist acts from such taxes.

We call on both the French and British governments to reconsider their actions and to restore justice for all.

G C and N V Sumner

Windermere, Cumbria