Letter: The Full Mosley

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Comments made in the article (28 January) on a new television series about Sir Oswald Mosley offer a perspective on what happens to history. Henry Morris wants a hatchet job done on Mosley, as if Mosley himself didn't do a sufficiently successful job of destroying what was potentially one of the century's stellar political careers.

Frederic Mullally's comments are equally unfortunate. As he should be all too aware, Sir Oswald was an idealist (he served in the Labour Party), he was glamorous and he was highly attractive.

But we are not really discussing Sir Oswald the man here, so much as whether or not scriptwriters presenting a figure from British history have the right to present him as he was. Should this sort of biographical study be censored, then Sir Oswald will not be the only one guilty of fascist behaviour.


Abu Dhabi