LETTER: The happy, open reality of Opus Dei

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From Dr Teresa Merino

Sir: Having lived for nine months in a residence run by Opus Dei, what has surprised me is how open its members are about their ideas and their activities. From the very beginning I knew who was in Opus Dei, and it was left completely up to me to attend the various religious activities. I never felt anybody was imposing them on me. However, there was no secrecy as there was a timetable of activities pinned to the notice-board.

Any question I've ever asked has been answered. The atmosphere in this house full of students and young professionals is that of a large family where people are ready to help each other and, when the time comes, to have a good time together.

Yes sir, you have conned me - the Opus Dei you've described is not the Opus Dei I've just joined.

Yours faithfully,


St Joseph's Hospice

London, E8

23 May