Letter: The hard choice over a pair of soft tops

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Sir: I read with great interest James Ruppert's article (Weekend, 8 May), as I am now the proud owner of a much-loved, second-hand convertible. I noticed 'Vilton Cars, Barnet', followed by 'Peugeot 205 CTi', and vaguely took in the words 'two identical models, 1987, 36,000 and 42,000, two owners and four owners', and realised he was writing about the very cars I had chosen between a couple of weeks ago.

After a long trip up to Barnet and much agonising thought, I made my decision and last week I went for that two-owner, 36,000 Peugeot Cabriolet CTi in a fetching shade of light metallic blue. I fell in love with it at first sight and am very pleased with my acquisition. I am afraid that anyone who thought it sounded like a rather good buy has missed the boat - I'm not open to offers]

Yours sincerely,


London, SW8

10 May