Letter: The long and short of the height issue

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Sir: I strongly disagree with the gist of Tim Harrison's (3 August) article on British attitudes to height. His historical building references are valid but they are no more than just history.

I take it that Mr Harrison is himself a tall person but, surprisingly, he doesn't exactly wave the flag for us. Has he failed to notice the current success of such business 'giants' as Lord Hanson and Michael Heseltine and, on the military front, what about Colin Powell and Stormin' Norman? Just in case anyone was shallow enough to take the article as verging upon gospel, may I dispel the notion that tall people are proportionately 'shyer, less ambitious and more likely to stand down in an argument' than their sub- 6ft 3in counterparts? Anyone care for a heated debate on the


Yours faithfully,


Wembley, Middlesex