Letter: The MPs' oath

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Sir: Adams and McGuinness said in their election manifestos, and have repeated since, that they had no intention, if elected, of taking their seats in Parliament. That is the policy of Sinn Fein. They do not recognise the legitimacy of Parliament. Changing the oath will make no difference to that.

In effect, Sinn Fein have disenfranchised the two constituencies they were elected to represent. If these two have no intention of taking their seats, why do they want free offices, free faxing, photocopying, telephoning, e-mail and library facilities in the centre of London?

To argue that removing one more "symbolic barrier" to Sinn Fein's inclusion in democratic politics by giving them these facilities will make it more difficult for Mr Adams to use the "rhetoric of grievance and discrimination with his own tribe" (leader, 5 December) is to misjudge the IRA/Sinn Fein. They want a united Ireland regardless of the wishes of the majority in Northern Ireland, and whether the rhetoric of grievance is justified or not, they will use it in the pursuit of their objective.