Letter: The naked truth about modelling

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Sir: Julia Langdon, in her letter to Emily Barr (Section II, 15 February), wrote of Miss Barr being an artist's model. I should like to point out that Miss Barr can be an artist's model for the rest of her life, providing she has the stamina and good health and can stave off negative thoughts during long poses.

Miss Langdon obviously thinks that life models have had it after the age of 25. What rubbish. It would be very boring for art students just to have young nubile models. An old person is equally interesting to draw and students love drawing pregnant models. And what is this about 'doing nothing'? Modelling is extremely hard work and highly skilled. The work is poorly paid and is clearly a vocation. For me, it is a great joy to be working in a creative environment among fellow artists and is extremely fulfilling.

Yours faithfully,



15 February

The writer is a life model, aged 54.

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