Letter: The remedy is a lottery strike

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Sir: We learn from your leading article today that the Churchill family "had long wanted to realise the only valuable asset left when Sir Winston died in 1965". It might be suggested that to bear the name and the genes of such a man is the greatest of assets, one which the family has long exploited. To sell his papers, rather than to give them to the nation, is comment enough on the sadly changed outlook and pride of Churchill's descendants in their family's honourable past.

Might the Independent promote a lottery strike - just for this week - to test the nation's views, showing those responsible for distributing proceeds, that there are many more worthy recipients? These would include those who fought in World War II under the famous leader, and who now struggle to survive in the harsh present, without bearing the reflected glory of his name.

Yours faithfully,


Whitwell, Hertfordshire

27 April