Letter: The Royal Family: a lost generation or a symbol of greater freedom?

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Sir: There is no denying that our Queen has shown herself to be an astute and worthy monarch. She has stood as a symbol of tradition and yet has had the foresight and flexibility to adapt her role to changing circumstances.

In contrast, the conduct of her children has illustrated and affirmed all the arguments against this hereditary institution. Their behaviour has been likened to irresponsible, carefree rich kids, out of touch with British society and quite incompetent to be the figureheads at the apex of the state.

The past year has confirmed all fears about the next in line to the throne - he stands today a laughable figure of the British establishment, even rejected by one of the few popular and warm members of the Royal Family - his own wife, Diana. The only solution I see is to admit Charles, his brothers and sister and their spouses as the lost generation. Let the Queen stay as Queen until Prince William is responsible and mature enough to take over.

Constitutional conventions either evolve and flourish like a good wine, or are redefined overnight in the light of a crisis. And that is where we are today, in the midst of a royal crisis. The Royal Family must provide us with a credible heir or face the voices of an ever-growing number of critics questioning their very existence.

Yours faithfully,


London, NW3

10 December