Letter: Toe the line, or prepare to be towed away

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Sir: Your report (20 July) emphasises the new difficulties for Londoners faced with different parking restrictions imposed by Camden and Westminster. These fix another nail in the coffin of theatres and shops in the West End which will severely cut the income of those London boroughs.

Further, I have hitherto attempted to take disabled colleagues to theatres and cinemas and this is no longer practical. The parking discs for the disabled can be used only within the borough in which the person lives but shopping and theatre-going cannot be limited to one's own borough.

Recently, when I visited the Netherlands, I remarked to a Dutch friend how many disabled people they had and he replied: 'That is because we actively encourage them by practical means to be out and about while in Britain you confine them indoors'. The latest parking restrictions imposed by Camden are obviously an attempt to keep us all indoors.

Yours faithfully,


London, W8