Letter: Tough action on animal cruelty

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Sir: I fail to understand how postponing the revocation of Huntingdon Life Sciences' licence until November ("Huntingdon may lose its licence", 25 July) solves the problem of the large number of animals on site.

The cruelty which has been exposed at Huntingdon Life Sciences is not an isolated incident but, as has been proved time and time again by undercover investigations carried out by animal rights groups, is common to very many, if not all, animal testing laboratories. The spectacle of Huntingdon's more prestigious clients falling over themselves to dissociate themselves from this latest and very public disclosure is nauseous to say the least. Likewise that of the Home Office, whose behaviour prior to the exposure is yet more evidence against the validity of its inspection system.

To scold Huntingdon is not sufficient, even such public scolding as has been taking place. In order that we can begin to have faith in this government's proposed review of the Animals (SR) Act (at present little more than a vivisectionists' charter), Huntingdon Life Sciences' licence must be revoked immediately and permanently, all those implicated in the wrongdoings, including senior staff and Home Office officials, must be prosecuted and Dr David Christopher, Huntingdon's research director, must be forced to resign from the Animal Procedures Committee.


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